Account Management

Being a business owner can be challenging endeavour, we offer various account management services aimed to optimise your finances. 

Our Approach

Correct Accountants will support you through these turbulent times by giving you expert financial advice regarding your account management and the sustainability of your business, all your accounts will be handled by our team of experts.

Our Services

  • Year End Accounts – Company Year End is the date your company’s accounting period ends.
  • Confirmation Statement – A Confirmation statement is due to be filed to Companies House every year.
  • Non trading accounts – The company did not trade and no income was received, accounts are still due to companies’ house.
  • Dormant accounts –  A Limited company but do not open a business bank account or if you open a bank account and there are zero transactions.
  • Closure accounts – Permanently cease trading with your Limited company.
Account Management

Within the ever changing economic factors of today such as, inflation, interest rates, Brexit and COVID-19. Businesses have struggled in this current climate and account closures of companies with healthy balance sheets are on the rise.

For more infomation go to HMRC website.

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